Jumbo Mortgages

Interest-only payments can be an attractive and useful option among jumbo home loans. The rate is fixed for a period of 5, 7 or 10 years when clients can choose to pay only interest on the principal balance. After that time, the mortgage payment changes to a traditional amortized structure over the remainder of the term.

An interest-only mortgage can be beneficial:
  • When you want to use the money saved for other investments.
  • When you plan to be in the home for only a short period of time.
  • When you earn a sizable bonus or income from commissions and want the ability to make larger, irregular payments to cut down on principal faster.
  • When you prefer to keep monthly payments low for a period of time.
  • When there is already substantial equity in the property.

Jumbo Home Loans – an Overview

Jumbo home loans are mortgages that are above the conforming lending limit (currently $417,000 and up to $625,500 for high-balance conforming), or that might not meet conventional lending guidelines.

Jumbo home loans are often requested by our clients in higher-priced real estate markets such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Our staff has extensive experience in structuring and closing jumbo mortgages, while still providing you with the highest levels of service you won’t find elsewhere.